Section 35 – Inspection – Juvenile Justice (Care And Protection Of Children) Act, 2000

(2) The Inspection Committee of a State, District or of a city shall consist of such number of representatives from the State Government, [***] Committee, voluntary organisations and such other medical experts and social workers as may be prescribed.

This section provides that the State Government may appoint Inspection Committees for the periodical inspection of Children’s Homes. The Inspection Committee so constituted shall consist of representatives from different sections of society which includes the following:—

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(1) Representative of the State Government;

(2) Representative of local authority, i.e.; Corporation, Municipality etc.

(3) Member of the Child Welfare Committee;

(4) Representative member from voluntary organisation;

(5) Medical expert members; and

(6) Social workers.

The number of members in the Inspection Committee shall be as prescribed by the State Government.