Place of trial in case of offences committed on journey or voyage (Section 183 of CrPc)

Section 183 of the Code is applicable only when the journey or voyage is continuous and uninterrupted. Any short stoppage in the course of a journey does not break the journey.

If a theft is committed from a running train, the offence may be said to have been committed during a journey and it can be inquired into and tried by any Court having jurisdiction over any part of the country through which the train passed during the course of its journey, no matter in which jurisdiction the offence was committed. Where the offence is committed in the course of a railway journey, the accused can be tried at the place of destination, though the offence was actually committed outside the jurisdiction of the Court.

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As Section 183 of the Code applies only to the trial of offences committed in India, the words ‘journey or voyage’ do not include a voyage on the high seas or in a foreign territory, but are confined only to a voyage or journey within the territory of India.